About Us

Quick QR Code Scanner is a complete System that is providing features of Scanning and Generation of QR codes free.

This online platform can be used for the generation of multiple type QR codes with logo and frames totally free. quickqrcodescanner can be used
for the generation of followings types of QR codes

Types of QR Codes

  • Static QR Code
  • Dynamic QR Code

Supported QR codes generator

  • URL to QR Code
  • Plain Text to QR Code
  • Email to QR Code
  • Message to QR Code
  • Phone no to QR Code
  • Wifi no to QR Code
  • Location to QR Code
  • Visiting Card/Vcard to QR Code

Quick QR Code Scanner also provide facility to upload office documents and generate its qr code free with logo and frame. These documents include:

Types of QR Codes

  • Image to QR Code
  • PDF to QR Code
  • MS Word to QR Code
  • MS Excel to QR Code
  • MS Powerpoint to QR Code

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