About Privacy Policy at Quick QR Code Scanner

Here Quick QR Code will used in place of website domain context. Our Privacy policy will describe in detail that how and which users/subscribers personal information is handled when a user visit and use our services https://www.quickqrcodescanner.com. If user have any questions/query about our Privacy Policy, he/she have to feel free for contact us via our email address support@quickqrcodescanner.com

User can also farword their query about privacy policy using our Help/Support page.

Use of Obtained Information

Quick QR Code Scanner understand and always care about your personal information. And the information about you will never further used or shared across different platforms.We escalate your confidence that we will do so very carefully and sagely. Our Privacy Policy is a is also ensures our visitors/users that their confidential/secret information is always confidential.

Quick QR Code Scanner is an online web tool, which provides facility of free scanning and generation of QR code. For further information you can visit our About Us page.

User Information

When any user wants to registers for Quick QR Code by using register link https://www.quickqrcodescanner.com/register, User is prompted to provide essential information to register which include his/her email address along with password. This user email and password which is further saved in our database.

We never share their personal information with any third party organization or application for money purpose. The data is securely stored in our system and we do best abilities to provide data security to our users.

Cookies and Log Information

We collects browsing Information using the following technologies:

  • "Cookies" are used to store data in files that are stored on user device which are identified by anonymous unique identifier.
  • "Log files", are used to store data which includes user IP address, web browser type, enterring/exit webpages including date/time stamps.

Third-Party Advertisements

We allows third-party advertising companies to serve ads when user visits webpages. These companies’ aggregate data only about no of visits, time spent on webpages and clicks on ads they are serving. These companies are not allowed to get our secured information such as username, password, and registered users activity.

Web Tools Privacy

We also provide several web tools that are required to upload some data to process. This data may include.

  • Images
  • Files (MS Office Files)
  • Address

All data is processed automatically. System never look into data privacy rather than the user request.

Update in Privacy Policy

Quick Qr Code Scanner is reponsible to update its users to provide update if any in Privacy Policy via their registered email.