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How to scan QR code online

This web application provides TWO ways for scanning and reading quick response code. Both method provide persistent results for similar QR code.s Each scanning result contains detailed description about retrieved information. This application is user friendly and can easily used in any mobiles phone with consistent results.This application provide scanning using TWO methods.

  1. Using Camera
  2. By using image file

Both types of scanning is absolutely free and there is no limit on scanning. This web application does not required any kind of subscription before scanning or generating QR codes. All type of logo's and frames are free to use. We can also generate dynamic QR codes, which can be tracked and update in future according to our requirements.

Steps to Scan QR Code

  • Select scanning source (Image/Camera)
  • Use camera switch to toggle front or back camera
  • Select image file from device to scan.
  • View results for further action

By default camera scanning is set, we can stop camera to perform scanning using image files. Once camera is turn off, there is option is start the computer or mobile device camera using start camera option.

Scan QR code using Android and iphone

This website is mobile first web application, means this can easily used with android and iphone mobile devices. As well as this is also user friendly on various other tablet and handheld devices. It supports sames quality of QR recognization features and qr maker for all kind of devices.

QR Code to Text Converter

This application read the data of QR code and convert it into the human readable form. This text is string of characters which may include jOU, numbers and as well as special characters. Every text format belongs to particular format which enables application to open text in corresponding mobile or desktop application.

Scan qr & barcode with phone

This web app is also capable to scan Barcodes of all types. We can scan barcode with phone easily. We can scan barcode using online camera as well as using image file.

Online barcode scanner

Online barcode scanner can scan various types of barcodes. The results can easily navigate to the corresponding actions such as web, sms, location or phone call.

Scan QR code from image

This scanner accept all types of image files using drag and drop features. The image files can also browse from the storage. Quick image preview is generated after the selection of image file. If there is no QR code find in image file then app will prompt with message "No QR Code Found".