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Custom QR Code With Logo

Facebook Page QR Code

Facebook qr code generator is a free web service that can be used to create QR codes for different Facebook features. All QR code are quickly generated with multiple advance features. These QR codes also can be download in different image/picture formats. This provide QR generation following for the following FB features include:

  1. Facebook Pages
  2. Groups
  3. Profile
  4. Media

Custom QR Code

It generate Facebook qr code generator with logo and gradient colors. QR code can be customized using these custom values:

  • Frames
  • Logo
  • Size
  • Gradient Colors
  • QR Custom Eye Color
  • Custom Logo
  • QR Pattern Style
FaceBook To QR Code With Logo
Facebook QR Code Generator With Frame

How to apply Facebook Logo on QR code

We can apply any logo on final QR code. In that logo's there is one Facebook icon/logo. There is hot swap logo technique used, It means we have to just click on logo it will applied on the QR code automatically. We can select any shape for Facebook logo as square or circle.