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V-card QR code generator get contact information to generate QR codes. This QR code can easily scan online and user can save piece of information in phone directory. Quick QR Code Scanner does not save any personal information provided to generate Vcard.

Business Card QR Code Generator
Business Card QR Code Generator

How to create Business Card QR Code

V-Card or business QR code can be created using Quick QR Code Scanner web application This QR code can be customized with special and latest features such as colors, gradients and styles. To create business card we have to provide fundamental information that include our personal profile information. After this we will click on Generate button and QR code will be generated. The generated Qr code is ready for download and share. We can also monitor the generated QR code in live preview. Here live preview means that any change in either minor property of the QR code will take effect in live preview.

Benefits of Business Card QR Code

There are several important benefits to share and crate our personal info QR Code. Out of these some are listed below.

  1. We can share it quickly.
  2. The live URL of Code can be directly share over then social media platforms.
  3. We can update the information that carried by the QR code.
  4. There a mDs picture contain all the basic as well as detailed information.
  5. Dynamic frames and logo's can be applied on the QR code.