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MS Excel files contains data in sheets view these files may difficult to share among multiple persons at the same time. The solution of this is use of QR code. We can generate QR code from Excel files. This QR code can also have custom properties. These properties include color, background color, style and other important attributes. This QR code can also have expiry date that prevent it from unauthorized access. When the particular QR code will expire then anyone cannot access this file even have QR code. So it make it more secure to use Excel to QR Code

Steps Excel to QR code Generation

Here are some steps that followed for the generation of QR codes from excel files

  1. First of select Excel file from the browse option.
  2. Make sure this is valid Excel file having .xls or .xlsx file extension.
  3. After selection of the Excel file we may select multiple options to custom QR style.
  4. After click on Generate button the file will be uploaded and the QR code will be generated.
  5. This QR code can be share using the copy link option.
  6. Generated QR code can also share among multiple Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.