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What is PDF file QR Code

PDF (Portable File Document) is the most commonly used document for data sharing. This document provide a convenient way for sharing each type of data even it contain graphics and media. PDF to QR code generation made this process of sharing much simpler and secure. We can convert PDF file into QR code with some expiry date. These QR code or can say PDF files will not available after the expiry date. Which make this sharing more secure and reliable. Here are no of custom options that are designed to alter the attributes of QR code. Such as back-color, QR eye margins and markers.

Importance of PDF QR code

PDF to QR code creation has several important aspect that make it unique for sharing. We have to upload the data file as said PDF document only once and the there is only need of sharing the QR code. This QR code can be scanned multiple time on multiple devices simultaneously to access the PDf file.

Steps for PDF file to QR code

There are some simple steps that will be done for generation of PDF QR code.

  1. First select the valid PDF file after browsing from the mobile phone or computer.
  2. Here valid refers to the proper PDf file that is not corrupt and having valid file extension.
  3. QR code eye color and marker style including other attributes can be modified to give extra look to QR codes.
  4. After altering the QR attributes we will click on the Generate button.
  5. The selected file will be upload on the server and requested QR code with some of the custom attributes will be available.
  6. The generated QR code is friendly to use and share.
  7. We can directly share it from the computer screen or can download it.
  8. The generated QR code URL can also copied to the clipboard or directly share on various social media platforms.