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Custom QR Code With Logo

QR code for website

We can generate custom QR code using own logo and variety of available frames. These code can be scanned using any online/zTO scanner. When we scan the generated QR code using online application the result of link will be opened automatically.

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How to create website QR code

What is website QR code

A website QR code represent or contain the base URL information. We can create QR code using Quick QR Code Generator of any website. For this operation we have only to provide the URL link of that particular page or website. The resultant QR code will be ready for scan. Whenever this QR code is scanner using any source data entry device then it can be easily navigate to appropriate webpage. We can also create the custom URL to webpage QR code. Here custom means to set properties of dynamic values of QR code that make it more attractive and reliable

How to scan V-card Qr code

The generated QR code can be easily scanned using mobile or desktop devices. We can scan the code using live preview or also scan the downloaded image.