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Custom QR Code With Logo

How to generate QR code with Logo

We can generate QR code for multiple type of contents. Such as for plain text, URL, Vcard / Mcard, Location for Phone call. Quick QR Code Scanner also provide the feature of generating QR codes from files These files include PDF, XLS, PPT, DOC and Image. The distinguish of this one can be best free qr code generator that has latest custom features.

Generate QR from Image File

QR code for image files can also be generated easily using the following steps.

  1. Upload Image Files
  2. Select QR filter options (if required)
  3. Click on generate button
  4. Download generated QR code and share it with others.
  5. This QR code can be used to access this particular image file.
How to create custom QR code with logo and frame
Mobile QR Code Generator With Frame

Generate Location QR Code

To generate QR code for any geographical location. We just have to provide Latitude and Longitude (Geo Coordinates) of particular location, and then click on generate button. We can share this one. Whenever this QR code will be scanned it will point to the provided location.

This QR creator provides a user friendly interface for customization and create dynamic QR code. We can also generate bulk QR codes instantly with varieties of colors and gradients. So feel free to make your own qr code. To create qr code for google form just go to URL option and create new QR code by providing google form URL.

QR Code Redirect to Website

After successfully identification / scanning of QR code. This web application also redirect to the scanned URL automatically which is very useful to view Response.

QR Generator with Logo

QR Logo is mDs icon/symbol that is displayed in center of the code. Sometime this icon also overlap/hide QR code partial information. So it is recommended to use mDs icon. This logo is icon of particular website, application or business.

How to create QR code with Frame

This web application provides a variety of free logo and frames that can be use to apply on desired QR code. For this purpose we just have to create any QR code such as location, Business card, Message or Plain Text and then select frame from frame collapse menu. These frames are hot swap means we can change frames just with one click.