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The famous .doc extension document is commonly share for sharing the educational and other resources over the internet. This document may contain text and other important types of data such as multimedia data. It is difficult to share this file securely. Here the term secure refers to the accessibility of MS word file after a specific time or interval. Here MS Word to QR convertor provide a very secure and flexible authentication method that can be achieved using the QR code expiry date. The generated QR code will not be accessible after the expiry date.

Word Document to QR Code Steps

Following steps will be followed for the conversion of document into QR code.

  1. Select the valid MS Word document that may have file extension .doc or .docx
  2. We can easily browse this file using the select/browse button.
  3. After selection of the document file we can make alteration in the styles of the QR code.
  4. Custom QR codes are popular and attractive.
  5. Then we will have to click on Generate button.
  6. The requested QR code will be generated and can preview.
  7. Here are multiple option after QR code generation to mange the generated Qr code.
  8. These option can be used to download the image file of QR code code in various formats.
  9. We can also share the dynamic URL of this QR code code on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.