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How to generate PowerPoint QR Code

PowerPoint files can easily converted into QR code. For this purpose we are required to upload PowerPoint file and request the QR code. These generated QR codes are available in a variety of attributes. We can created distinguished PowerPoint QR codes using this application. We just required to create secure and safe QR code and share these code. Here we refer the safe and secure to expiry date of these QR Codes.

Steps for PowerPoint to QR Code Conversion

Some simple and easy steps are required to get the required custom QR code from the PowerPoint files. These steps are as follows

  1. Browse the available PowerPoint file from the computer or mobile phone.
  2. These files may have extension .ppt or .pptx
  3. Both files are acceptable for QR code generation.
  4. After selection of the proper file we can set different properties of the QR codes.
  5. These attributes are useful in the creation of custom QR codes.
  6. Power point QR code is dynamic that means we can change the content of QR code without changing the code.
  7. After the all above said is done we will click on the generate button.
  8. Generated PowerPoint QR code will be available to preview and download on the right hand side.
  9. We can download or share these QR code on any online platform such as social media and can be share using email or WhatsApp.