Frequently Asked Questions

We can easily use Quick QR Code Scanner for scanning multiple type of QR Codes It can scan code directly using mobile or PC camera. Or we may upload QR code image for scanning. In both way it will produce result quickly.

There are multiple other websites and mobile applications in market that can be used to scan QR codes, but when we talk about Quick QR code Scanner it will not only scan our provided QR codes. Additionally it will detect the type of QR code is scanned.

It can scan a wide range of QR code and support respective action after successfully scanning the code. It can scan the following QR codes.

  • Plain Text
  • Email with Message
  • Wifi SSID with Key
  • Geo Location
  • Vcard
  • Phone / Contact
  • SMS
  • URL

Yes, this tool is absolutely free. We can use this up to our requirement.

Quick QR code Scanner also provide the facility to generate a huge variety of QR codes free of cost and without subscriptions. We can use the following free features of QR code Generator.

  • QR Code with Free Frames
  • QR Code with Free Logo
  • QR Code with Color styles
  • QR Code with Custom Logo
  • QR Code with Custom sizes
  • QR Code with Custom eye colors

Yes, Quick QR code Scanner also provides facility to share its generated QR code to other friends on social media.Such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+