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What is email QR code

Email Qr code is the simple representation of sending email in the form of live URL or image. This image contains the quick response code. This QR code can be scanned to send email after scanning. We have to provide the receiver email address and the message that we want to send. After provinding the basic information. We just have to press the Generate button. We can also customize the email QR code with respect to it properties. Theses properties include colors and eye marker. Here in Quick Response Code we have a variety of attributes that can be added to the QR code.

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How to apply Frame on Email QR code

Quick QR code scanner provide a large variety of frames that can be applied to the email QR code. These frames and logo's can easily apply to the generated Qr after one click. The result after apply the frame and other dynamic properties can be previewed in live smart preview. This preview will scroll along with the mobile screen so that QR code configurations is much easy.